Girls who "stay sweet" even when life gives them the opportunity to turn bitter.



That is more beautiful than your lipstick shadeπŸ’„. 


It's more attractive than your cute bodπŸ‘™. 


It's more wonderful than your academic achievementsπŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ“. 


To me, a SWEET-HEART is simply irresistible. 😻


But it takes courage to remain sweet. It's hard-work at times. It's humbling yourself & choosing to soar high when others go low. It's even risky-business at times... because it might mean you need to go against the norm... It might mean sacrificing your place of acceptance & approval... It might mean being the odd-one-out while your peers roll their eyesπŸ™„. 



Sweetness is STRENGTHπŸ’ͺ🏽. It's humility. And actually, it's cool😎. It's not ignorance or naivety. It's not a lack of awareness or understanding. It's not being out of touch with reality. It's CHOOSING that in the midst of {REAL-GRITTY-HARDSHIP-LIVING} to keep your heart in good-taste


One of the decisions I made as a young girl was to "stay sweet"... but I didn't realise that would be difficult until circumstances gave me a bitter taste. And actually, if I am honest... I wanted to open up the door to my heart & let that poor-taste stay longterm. So in reality... it's been a daily discipline to remain sweet and it's felt like a fight against my flesh. I haven't always got it right... I've scrunched up my face in disgust at certain things all too many times. But big picture... I'm free from the things that could make me an old bitter lady (no one wants to be one of thoseπŸ™…πŸΌπŸ™…πŸΌπŸ™…πŸΌ)!!! 


Just like most things that threaten the purity, innocence & kindness of our hearts... experiencing bitterness is bound to happen... It's not "if"... it's "when"

Inevitably - people are going to do us wrong and it's going to hurt... We are going to make mistakes and feel shame... We are going to be disheartened, disappointed and discouraged by things (that are both internal and external). 


But staying bitter is actually a choice... and when it progresses into becoming WHO YOU ARE - it is a sad, sad existence 😭😭😭.

Whenever I encounter someone who is just, MEANπŸ˜’... It gives me an insight into the bitterness that dwells within... and I think to myselfπŸ€”... what a horrible way to live😡. But... When I encounter someone who is SWEET😍... well there is nothing more attractive to me😌!!! 


🍯STAY SWEET ... Let go of offences, jealousy and grudges. 

πŸ‡STAY SWEET ... Don't let nastiness get under your skin. Walk away from gossip & mean-spirited talk. 

πŸ‰STAY SWEET ... Don't develop a wounded-spirit. Forgive those who have hurt you. 

πŸ“STAY SWEET ... Surround yourself with encouraging voices and vibes that bring positivity.  

πŸ’STAY SWEET... Look forward to the possibilities of the future rather than looking back at the failures of the past. 

πŸ’˜STAY SWEET... Focus your attention on others successes rather than your own. Don't put your energy into gaining approval, being acknowledged and adored. 

🍊STAY SWEET... Be careful & intentional about what you listen to, what you watch, where you position yourself and what friends you keep. 

🌽STAY SWEET... Count your blessings. Start and finish each day with thanksgiving. Choose gratitude as your perspective. 

πŸ’œSTAY SWEET... Be kind. Believe the best about yourself and others. Don't dwell on the faults of yourself and others. Dwell on the GOOD. 






STAY SWEET ... its a key to unlocking freedom in your life. 


Laura x