I might look back in 10 years time and regret the silver metallic skirt I'm wearing today... but I'm never going to regret wearing kindness. Kindness is universally understood & received. Wear it with a smile, a listening ear, considered thoughtfulness and purposeful deeds. You don't need an excuse to wear kindness... It's everyday wear and an extension of who you are. 


Compassion is beautiful when it seeks to be empathetic but is worn best when it motivates you to take action. It's not enough to just be emotionally-moved... We must team up our compassion with practical response & standing up for what's right. 


Humility is worn understatedly and yet it's-undeniably there. It's not loud but neither is it unnoticed. It captures your attention with a sudden sense of grace & dignity that draws others in. It has a selfless quality that isn't for personal gain and yet it opens the door to a world of uncommon beauty. 


Quiet-strength is worn mainly in private and yet is essential-wear for the tougher seasons. It requires a level of aloneness to build up an inner-fortitude needed for the disappointing & discouraging moments. Fashion it along with hope for the future, trust in God and a courageous spirit. 


Discipline should be worn habitually... Its often the difference between who you desire to be and who you are. It might be worn with a level of discomfort or inconvenience but it's worth it. Wear it everyday without fail and if you happen to miss one day - don't hesitate to pick it up again tomorrow! 


Like today's heat in Sydney, Australia - An even-temper is best to wear when certain moments get heated and we need to keep it cool.  Stay calm, take deep breaths, measure the situation and respond rationally. It's an admirable fashion to keep composure and to be peaceable. 


In a self-seeking, "if you're not first - you're last" society - being content with 2nd best is a completely overlooked fashion. Probably because it's mistaken as being weak, disempowered or less important. But the nature of life is that we're not always gonna be first... Often, we will be 2nd, 3rd or even last. To live counter-culturally and to be at peace in those situations, is essentially freeing ourselves from competing and striving. What looks most beautiful on us is that we truly live satisfied knowing that we give each opportunity our best efforts, congratulate those around us, don't "need" acknowledgment from others and keep going with whatever life has for us next. 


Forgiveness is a fashion needed for when people have done you wrong - and unfortunately, it's a GUARANTEE that this will happen. On the contrary - wearing un-forgiveness keeps you restrained and imprisoned and yet when you choose to fashion yourself with forgiveness - it's as if you're wearing pure freedom. Don't put it in the back of your closet for another day - wear it today! 


Regardless of what else you put on. Wear LOVE. It's your basic all-purpose garment. NEVER be without it. Wear it without conditions and with selflessness - it's active-wear!!! 


Peace-making is SO on trend right now in a world that is at war, unrest and divided by borders & differing opinions. It's a beautiful thing to wear PEACE-MAKING everywhere you go along with an inclusive attitude, merciful friendship, respect for our differences AND a determination for unity


Wearing thankfulness swings the door wide open to so many possibilities. It's all-class. It's sophisticated. It looks best when you count your blessings and have gratitude for what you do have rather than frustration for what you don't have. Thankfulness is appreciated by everyone. 

BONUS TIP: Do your laundry on a regular basis - these fashions can easily be worn-out and down - take time to refresh and renew. 


Much love. Style - beauty & grace. 

Laura xx