my best life

I admit it - I don’t understand most slang terms... I’m that girl who is googling “get lit” 🔥 and “lmao” 😂 and fiercely avoiding urban dictionary in the process (*I don’t need that kinda stupidity in my head😜)!!


BUT... living “MY BEST LIFE” is my current fav catch phrase that the kids are sayin’ right now. It resonates with me... because I believe its notion has the power to change your life.


And I get it, I get it... “living your best life” mostly applies in the type of context that could be a Saturday night at home ordering yourself a large pizza, watching friends with a face mask on and hanging with your cats!!! No judgement - sounds like the ultimate Saturday night to me... Minus the cats... Not a cat person.


But what if living our best life meant that we embraced the type of attitude that doesn’t settle for a mediocre existence but rather lives the most extraordinary life we possibly can... Imagine if we got the courage to expose our deepest desires to the world and to go after our most wildest dreams... What if we found contentment in small everyday pleasures and thrills in spontaneous adventures... and what if we mustered up some fight in us for the more challenging circumstances that will surely come.

“MY BEST LIFE” has game-changer potential for us in 2018. It’s a choice. It’s choosing to just BE the person you long to be and it’s choosing to make the best of what you’ve got!

As I write this... it’s leading into Christmas and so of course I am watching all my favourite Christmas movies.

There’s a moment in ‘The Holiday’ where Arthur (the old/cute movie-maker who introduced us to the concept of “gumption”) is encouraging Iris (Kate Winslets character)... and he says...

Arthur: Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason, you’re behaving like you’re the best friend.

Iris: You’re so right. You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life...


I think there’s something purposeful, fulfilling and not at all self-indulgent about choosing to lead your life in a way that is maximising your full-potential. Especially when passion and humility go hand-in-hand.

Truth is - I know what it’s like to feel as if you’ve taken the back seat in your own life... and that little urge within you to wanna get back in the drivers seat and take control.

SO... why not?

MY BEST LIFE - Set goals and write vision for yourself! Make your vision so huge it’s beyond your ability to comprehend the how... BUT... make your goals realistic. Set long-term vision and short-term goals... and then don’t rush it... take it all 1 day at a time... progress comes to those who are consistent, persistent and recognise small growth as wins🌹.

MY BEST LIFE - Don’t neglect your dreams! If your dreams are buried in seed form... Water the soil everyday. Work on your gift, steward your talents, up-skill, stir up your passion and enthusiasm. Rediscover why you love to do what it is that you love to do. Dreams lay dormant within you if you sit back and do NOTHING. Make one of your goals to be proactive about your dream every single day. Even if it’s 20 mins per day dedicated to just doing SOMETHING that brings you closer to what your heart so desires!

MY BEST LIFE - Take initiative. Life isn’t gonna necessarily happen for you. You’ve gotta break out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there and “make it happen”!!! It sounds ridiculous - but a few years ago I stumbled upon a post on Instagram (I’m a sucker for the inspirational posts that most people roll their eyes at... haha!)... So this particular post had 3 simple words “Make It Happen”... And something within me clicked when I saw it. All those things I was hoping for in my life wasn’t gonna be handed to me on a silver platter... I wasn’t going to be the person I really wanted to be until I got over my fears and doubts... to take initiative, WORK for it and make it happen for myself.

MY BEST LIFE - Be content with who God has created you to be and the life you’ve been given. You’re never going to live your best life if you’re constantly comparing your life to others. You’re YOU. Wonderfully YOU. Make the best of what you’ve got. This life you have been given is a gift and when you do the best you possibly can with what you have been given, it makes for a more meaningful and purposeful existence rather than being miserable about what you’re not.

MY BEST LIFE - Surround yourself with fellow believers, dreamers, doers, lovers and fighters. Get around people who are making it happen also... they’re inspiring... they’re the types that will encourage you... they’re the ones who will see all the possibilities over the problems... They’re the ones filled with positivity. They’re the ones who fight for what they believe in. There’re the ones who are content in who they are. They’re the ones who are the first ones to celebrate others wins. They’re the ones who don’t care what others think and don’t listen to the naysayers. They’re the ones who are FUN. Find THEM! Run your race alongside THEM.

MY BEST LIFE - HAVE FUN. Enjoyment is underrated. Life is to be enjoyed and not endured. I have a friend who is one of my favourite people to hang out with because she sees the funny side of EVERYTHING. Even the most ordinary/mundane of things - she laughs at. Laughing is the best - it’s like medicine to the soul. Life isn’t easy... We know that... But a merry Spirit is so important in the midst of it all. Choose FUN!!! Be spontaneous. Do random things you wouldn’t usually.

So here’s a list of things my friends and I wrote together to “Live Your Best Life”... Most are very simple pleasures... keep in mind... my friends and I are in Sydney as we head into summer... So for those of you freezing your butts off in the northern hemisphere... you’ll have to do your creative best for yourself.... (maybe build a snowman) ☃️



🌹 Go out and leave your phone at home.

🌹 Paint your nails.

🌹 Call your Mum.

🌹 Write someone a letter and post it in the mail.

🌹 Do a face mask.

🌹 Take yourself on a 'me' date.

🌹 Light a candle.

🌹 Wake up early to see the sunrise.

🌹 Apply for that job you really want.

🌹 Enrol in that course you’ve been putting off.

🌹 Take a social-media break.

🌹 Learn an instrument - because why not?

🌹 Paint a sunset.

🌹 Clean out your closet.

🌹 Do daily exercise.

🌹 Eat fresh food.

🌹 Remove yourself from that toxic relationship. 

🌹 Leave that job you hate IF it’s the right thing to do.

🌹 Sit at a cafe as long as you want (and say yes when offered a second coffee)

🌹 Re-read a fave old book.

🌹 Float in the ocean on your back.

🌹 Eat a big bowl of pasta.

🌹 Send flowers to your bestie just because.

🌹 Make a playlist of all the songs you loved ten years ago and road trip with friends.

🌹 Go for a drive to nowhere with all the windows down.

🌹 Eat ice cream straight from the tub.

🌹 Take photos on a disposable camera.

🌹 Have a picnic.

🌹 Lay down and watch the sky.

🌹 Put on fresh bed sheets.

🌹 Scissor kick in your fresh bed sheets.

🌹 Draw a self-portrait.

🌹 Do a pottery class.

🌹 Wipe your make-up off and go fresh faced.

🌹 Wear your hair natural.

🌹 Have a sleep after being in the sun all day.

🌹 Bake someone a birthday cake.

🌹 Sleep out under the stars.

🌹 Test drive a car you love.

🌹Buy a killer dress, scrub up a little and go out.


Laura 🌹 xx