When you consider the mutual fragility that you share with someone when you exchange hearts…It's kinda scary to think that you have the power within you to break their heart... That any one relationship we have the privilege of co-partnering comes with the responsibility to be the guardian of the other’s heart. 💜🎁

So in the midst of fun pursuits, friend crushes, like-like crushes and other exciting developments... We can make choices that save us from the intensity and pain of utter heart-break (especially if it doesn't work out in the end). I believe that if you are entrusted with someone else's heart, it should be treated like a treasured gift...


🥀🌹 The heart is a gift that is of high value and worth, and yet is humanly fragile and easily broken. 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that should cause you to put aside your own selfish ambitions and prioritise the well-being of the gift that you carry. 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that wasn't created to be used, misused or abused but rather engaged with thoughtfully and selflessly considered. 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that should cause you to practice the art of timing, patience and self-control. 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that requires understanding on what it means to protectthe treasure you’ve been entrusted and how that might be unconventional in comparison to how the world has exemplified relationships to you. 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that means you won’tdive in too deep, too fast, if your mind is unsettled or unsure, but will allow time and let the wisdom of "slow" to be considered. . 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that means you shouldn't play mind-games that are gonna cause confusion or leave the other in a web of wondering and guessing, but ratherbe truthful, honest, open and faithful. 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that means you don't just use bodies as an object, but you understand how every kiss, every touch and every act is engaging both your heart and theirs.


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that means you aren't overly possessive in a way that keeps the other bound or under your ownership, but rather empowers the freedom and enjoyment of life with friends & family. 


🥀🌹The heart is a gift that causes you to know that your romance is to them alone, and not to multiple others. 


The heart is a gift that is worthy of being guarded & protected. The practice of "Real Love" is worth it. Wisdom is underrated. 🌹🌱🎁❤️

Laura x