When they said that it’d be easy peasy lemon squeezy... but it’s actually difficult difficult lemon difficult... 


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The discipline required to excel at school/work/study 😫👩🏼‍💻

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 The sacrifice needed for a healthy marriage & sustaining life within your relationships 😢👫

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Oh my gosh, can we talk about morning sickness during pregnancy (me right now) 🤢🤰or sleepless nights with an unsettled baby (me soon)😳👶

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Staying on top of all your bills, paperwork and all that tedious stuff you’ve got to do😑🤪


This whole “life” thing - it’s not a walk in the park am I right?!!! 

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Even though “Mama said there’d be days like this”, nothing and no one can prepare you for real life until you’re living it yourself. A big part of growing up is realising that you have no choice but to wake up and take on the personal challenges head on. 

 I just wanted to take a moment and encourage you that ... YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!

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You’re more capable, strong and resilient than you realise. 

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The trouble is... people make things look really easy don’t they... it seems as if the law degree just dropped into their lap or like their marriage is a piece of cake... but nothing is ever quite as it seems. It’s not that people haven’t achieved great things or don’t have wonderful and flourishing relationships... but the deception is that we so often see people thriving but don’t see the hard-work and sacrifice they put in to achieve the things they have OR the pain that was endured to win the hidden battles they’ve now overcome. 

*THEN there are those freakish types... like the natural born talents who just succeed without even trying or the new mum who delivers a baby and immediately is out and about with abs, a perfectly angelic baby, a clean house and a happy husband! WHATTTT !! These types of comparisons aren’t fair because these people are aliens 👾!! Remember, nothing is quite as it seems.


As for us NORMAL PEOPLE... Life doesn’t quite come so easy... It’s hard sometimes... BUT... it’s DOABLE! 

So here’s some things to remember... 


The bible says “life and death are in the power of your tongue” - what you speak over yourself MATTERS. My mum often caught me saying “I’m so tired” at a time when I was experiencing fatigue and she always challenged me to stop confessing that over myself. It was a discipline to stop - I genuinely WAS SOOOO tired and found my everyday tasks very difficult. But I did find that if I intentionally and purposefully spoke words of LIFE that would motivate me despite how tired I was - I’d be energised (Mums always right). Sometimes we’ve gotta preach to ourselves and build ourselves up with words that edify/empower us. You shape your reality by the words you speak.


We tend to run from pain because it hurts and our instincts tell us to do whatever we need to do to feel better. But sometimes we’ve gotta embrace the pain because it’s the pain that produces perseverance and perseverance produces great reward. A few years ago... after I had Jack (my 2nd-born) I was feeling the impact of birthing two kids and that I hadn’t prioritised my own physical well-being in the process. I decided that I wanted/needed to get stronger and healthier, so I hired a personal trainer. The truth is... I barely ever woke up excited to go and work-out... I actually dreaded it... BUT I NEVER once regretted it once it was done. He would push me to my limit... he would have me lifting weight I never knew I could and pushed my body to a place I never knew it could go. It was painful but it was good pain... because it was making me stronger... and I would come out of those work-outs feeling AMAZING. Pain produces perseverance and that’s essential for this life we are living. Don’t shy away from hard-work or tension. PS: I’m not talking fitness - I’m talking whatever it is that requires hard-work from you right now... tough conversations in your relationships, putting effort into your work - fight the GOOD fight and don’t be lazy. You can do this! Be productive... be fruitful. 


Surround yourself with relationships that cheer you on to keep going. I am grateful for my friends who always lend an ear to listen and empathise (my favourite kind of people EVER) but at the end of the day - I’m MOST thankful that they also don’t just let me sit back and retreat when things get tough... they challenge me to keep going... to persevere! The best kind of friends are the ones who recognise the greatness on your life and know how to encourage you towards moving forward... sometimes it’s a gentle nudge... other times it’s a loving kick up the bum - but these are true friends to your destiny. Don’t do things alone... reach out to people, form a community, strengthen one another and cheer each other on. You need a tribe. You need family. You need friendship. Find your people. 


Laughter is essential in this life. Everything in your life should have the right amount of “light and shade”... you’ve got to have the lighter moments in your day because they’re like opening windows of joy into your soul, in what can be a really intense and messed up world. So in the midst of the pain and tension - What is it that brings you laughter? Prioritise it! Whether it’s a friend you can call upon or a tv show you watch... It’s so important to find joy and laughter... especially with the ones you love.


People everywhere do “difficult” EVERYDAY and have no choice but to persevere through it. Whatever is “hard” for you right now... just know there’s a world of people who are doing it tough as well and most likely A LOT tougher than you. Gosh, people just have SUCH hard lives! Last week - I watched a film on Netflix called “When They See Us’ - a true story about 14 & 15yr old boys wrongly accused for a crime they didn’t commit and targeted because of the colour of their skin - the injustice that follows is absolutely excruciating to watch. Gosh, there’s nothing like gaining perspective for yourself by not being ignorant to the suffering of others. If you’re anything like me... you watch something and then google everything there is to find on the internet to learn even more on their story (🙋🏼‍♀️)... what struck me about these (now grown) men in real life, is their disposition is one of gratitude regardless of their painful past. It’s VERY convicting and inspiring. No matter what - count your blessings and remember the “scale of eternity” (Again, something my mum always says). A heavenly perspective puts things on this earth in their rightful place. And no matter what... we have SO MUCH to be thankful for even in the midst of our difficulties. Gain perspective always. 


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KEEP ENDURING! Great reward is on the other side of your persevering.