I don't know the last time that you were walking down the street and tripped over a heap of gold... I'm assuming that would be a very rare thing. The thing about gold is that you have to go looking for it. SEEK & FIND. It's hidden within the earth and in order for it to surface means that you have to intentionally dig-it-out... unearth it. Most of the time, gold is found within dirty and murky waters. I went on a gold-digging excursion as a child and i remember learning about the technique they would use to unearth the gold from these waters... it was called 'panning' - where they would slowly and carefully sift it out from the mud. In the same way... seeking out her gold means to look beyond her "dirt" and imperfections ... to see through her flaws... and find her beauty within. That is genuine grace. More often than not, we see the gold in her that she can't see in herself... which brings me to the next point...

When you discover something of beauty, value and worth... it's a guarantee that you're going to find the "thief" there also. He wants her gold - he's threatened by it. He works by whispering lies to her, feeding her insecurities and his strategy is to shatter her confidence and limit her potential. Our job is to NURTURE & PROTECT the gold within her. It's pretty easy. It looks like telling her the truth when she's believing the lies. It looks like encouraging her. It looks like believing in her when she doesn't believe in herself. It looks like coming alongside her and pushing her forward when she wants to shrink back. It looks like having her back when others don't. That is true friendship. 

Lastly, let's celebrate and cheer her on. Once she starts succeeding - it's so tempting to get jealous, or wonder where that now leaves you. There's something even within us that can be threatened by another girls success. Real talk. But actually, it's so beauty-full when you see girls celebrating each other's wins. Let's be THOSE GIRLS... Those girls who truly cheer one another on. 

Imagine a 'GOLD RUSH' - made up of beauty-full girls rising up to be all they are meant to be.

Laura xx