This is Margaret. Every girl needs older women in their lives who are a safe place... and I've always had the sense that with Margaret - there's no judgement... only mercy, grace and the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts ... But when it's said with love and a smile as encouraging as hers... you can't help but lean-in and listen. This woman means so much to me... she's lived a lot of life in her 67 years and I'm grateful for the wisdom she has gained out of every experience. For this set up... we chose a family-friends garden - it's like a little oasis hidden amongst regular suburban homes. 'Words with Margaret' will be an ongoing series because when we filmed this, we talked for 45mins and every word was absolute gold. Today's 'word' is "MEN" !! Let's be honest, boys consume a lot of our heart/mind space... take note of what she has to say about the BOYS!!!! 😬