Hi, I'm Laura.

Just your average 20-something-year-old girl (maybe almost 30) and I'm on a bit of a heart-journey. Honestly, my 20s took me by surprise ... I fell in love, got married, had babies and chased dreams - all super young. And in the midst of every experience -- my heart was shaped into something totally new and different. Mostly beautiful. Sometimes ugly. I found myself in moments of unspeakable joy... and moments that I wondered if I was experiencing depression? I found myself in moments of having total clarity and other moments of feeling utter confusion... I found myself in moments of blissful contentment and other moments of maybe wanting another life? a different reality? The years have had their fair share of heart-discoveries... and I'm good at embracing the "good" ... I'm not so good at admitting to the darkness that exists within me.  

BUT... I am grateful for the process ... and I'm blessed beyond measure with a wealth of women around me who do the "heart-journey" alongside me. They encourage me... they share wisdom with me... they can be trusted with my vulnerability and most of all, they exemplify how to navigate each season well. But lately, I've been wondering if other young women like me are as blessed and equipped as I am? I look at the women that this world promotes as the ultimate examples of what life should be .... and... that's ok but surely there has to be more to life than just... keeping up with... appearances. So in this already over-saturated, content-crazed world ... I'm offering just a little bit more content ... but perhaps my "little bit" is needed ... because perhaps my little bit compels you to go a whole lot deeper into the mysteries that are our hearts. I'm letting you in on the girls that cross my path... girls on all sorts of different journeys... They might not have the same beliefs as you, and they might not make lifestyle choices that you necessarily agree with ... But it's a judgement free zone and we're talking things that consume our inner-worlds.

We are in this together. X