This is Connar. I love her because she knows what she's about and is choosing her own path. I love her youthful spirit and the way she makes anyone and everyone feel comfortable in her presence. I heard a girl who had just met her for the first time say "she's just so easy to talk to"... and it's true. She has a beautiful heart and I am so grateful she took the time to share some of the challenges of being a model. It's so easy for us to only see one side of the coin - the glamour, the cool factor and the beauty.... But on the flip side (the unseen side) are just real girls... facing real pressures and insecurities. Thank you for humanising something that is all too often “filtered” - depicted and interpreted as perfection. You'll love this episode. 

Ps. Thank you to Alfred's in West Hollywood for letting us use your cute tea room to film this episode.