OK, not really confessions... aaaannnd I'm only somewhat a shopaholic ... but it was a catchy title... and I wanted the opportunity to give you a couple of reasons to shop the brand spanking new secret garden stuff. 


1. To wear the message. I think it's a beautiful thing to wear an item that has substance and meaning... that allows you to belong to a movement of girls who share a common belief and purpose... and that shows that you stand for something that is of good and noble cause.

2. To open a conversation. Because you may find that it might evoke questions. Perhaps like... "what does it mean?" Or "where did you get it from" - which will give you the perfect opportunity to start a meaningful conversation. You can use it as a launching pad to engage, listen, encourage and inspire those around you. 

3. To contribute to thesecretgarden.tv ... because all proceeds will allow the website and other exciting initiatives to continue and evolve. 

I'll also use this as an opportunity to thank you all so much for your support and encouragement with thesecretgarden.tv thus far ... when we launched back in October - I never imagined it would present me with so many AMAZING girls who have related to the words and episodes. I have been so blessed by your feedback, reposts and the genuine love you have so generously given me. My goal is that we can continue to do our heart-journeys together, the beautiful, the ugly and everything in between. Love you so much.