An Introduction 

This garden is her heart... and it became her secret place from the moment she breathed in her very first breath. A mystery - It's called the secret garden because it exists underneath her skin, hidden within the depths of her soul. It's a place that she goes to in her beautiful mind to get away, to process and to feel. It's a place where the gateway is guarded and she's ultimately in control of who or what she chooses to let in. It's a place that has pre-seeded plants deeply routed in rich soil that teems with life and potential. It's a place that with time, becomes even more vibrant with colours and textures, growing into beauty that is uniquely hers. It's a place that the skies look down upon with loving-kindness, sending the sun to shine and the rain to water and the clouds to shade. It's a place that withstands the endless cycles of Summers, Falls, Winters and Springs and the joys and challenges that each season brings. It's a precious place. Special. Unique. Lovely. 

But it's also a place where the predator likes to reside. The predator - poisonous in intent and damaging with his bite, seeking in his subtle and sly ways to destroy her. It's a place where neglect allows weeds to grow out of control, creating tangles and webs that have the potential to show up ugly above the surface. It's a place where the unforeseen circumstances of life can leave aftermaths of ruins and devastation. And while she is easily damaged, her beauty is found in her incredible resilience and her ability to heal. The forces of nature, somehow beyond her comprehension brings powerful redemption that no matter what she may endure, with each new morning the sun surely will shine as the dawn breaks and the night fades into the past. It's like a kiss of heaven. A story of love and grace. 

And so... Her heart is a place that longs to be tended to with care and concern... And there lays the best invitation that she will ever extend... And that is the moment she allows the gardener in. The gardener protects her from the predators bite and pulls out the weeds from the route of the soil. The gardener brings the water to refresh and casts the shade to protect her from the burn of the sunlight fire. 

The Secret Garden is about tending to the BEAUTY that starts from within the hidden landscapes of her inner-world... and makes its way out from the windows of her soul. It's about who she is when nobody else is watching... or who she longs to be. It's about what she chooses in order to grow and to learn... when the circumstances of life leave her but no choice. It's about being quiet enough to listen for the truth that comes with the wind. And that place can be lonely with the process being slow, painful and exhausting... Other times it's swift, liberating and exhilarating. 

Sometimes it's going to be about dealing with the ugliness she doesn't want to admit is there. Sometimes it's about the courage to make difficult choices, even if it hurts because it's the right thing to do. Sometimes it's about guarding and protecting the good and the pure and the innocent. Regardless ..... 

This is the secret garden. Her mystery. Her hidden darkness... and beauty.

Her heart. 

love laura x